The Advantage Of Wet Wipes Non Woven Fabric

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In recent years, wet wipes non woven fabric has developed rapidly, because it breaks through the traditional process of non woven fabric, and wet wipes non woven fabric has many performance characteristics,

wet wipes non woven fabric

(1) The spunlace method can effectively utilize various fibers, and can process medium and long fibers, bleached cotton, silk, synthetic fibers and wood pulp fibers, and the product feels softer.
(2) It can protect the properties of the fiber itself, and the fiber will not be damaged like acupuncture.

(3) Except for special purposes, most products do not use adhesives and have good hygiene.

Spunlace non woven fabric

(4) The appearance of wet wipes non woven fabric is similar to that of traditional textiles, with good drapability, softness and water absorption, and it is not easy to drop threads.

(5) Under the same fiber and the same quantitative condition, its breaking strength can reach 70% to 80% of textile fabrics.

Wet wipes

(6) The fiber web and wood pulp paper, fiber web and wood pulp linter, fiber web and fabric or yarn can be spunlaced together to make composite base cloth or composite material containing yarn layer.
(7) Conveyor curtains with different patterns can be configured to process spunlace non woven fabric with different patterns.

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