What Material Are Tissue jumbo roll Made Of?

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1. Basic introduction to tissue jumbo roll 

Tissue jumbo roll is mainly used for people's daily hygiene, so it is usually called household tissue jumbo roll  in the tissue industry, and it is one of the indispensable paper types in people's life. Its shape has a single square shape, which is called square tissue or facial tissue jumbo roll , and it is also rolled into a tube shape, which is called tissue jumbo roll They are usually made of cotton pulp, wood pulp, straw pulp, sugarcane pulp, mixed pulp, and waste paper pulp. High-quality tissue jumbo roll is made of virgin wood pulp. Extremely fragile, the purpose of this is to rot when encountering water, so as to achieve the purpose of environmental protection.

tissue jumbo roll

2. How to judge the quality of tissue jumbo roll ?

A. tissue jumbo roll feels soft and smooth.
B. You can feel the tenacity when pulling, and it is not easy to tear.
C. When it is dry, it will not form powder when rubbed vigorously.
D. Whiteness is natural white, very pleasing to the eye, not white, very clean and dazzling.
E. The packaging indicates that the raw material is [virgin wood pulp] or [virgin wood pulp], and the content is 100%.

F. Note that some inferior tissue jumbo roll will add bagasse pulp to the material, or even use all the bagasse pulp. This pulp will also make the paper very tough and not easy to break, but it will feel much rougher.

carrier tissue

3.Characteristics of tissue jumbo roll 

Tissue jumbo roll has the characteristics of strong water absorption, no pathogenic bacteria (e. When producing small rolls of double-layer tissue, the perforation pitch should be the same, the pinholes should be clear, easy to tear, and neat.

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