What Is Release Paper?

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1. The concept of release paper,back release paper 

Release paper is a kind of release paper that prevents the prepreg from sticking and protects the prepreg from contamination.

release paper

2. The use of release paper

A. Glassine (the bottom paper is Glassine) silicone oil paper
High temperature resistance, moisture-proof, oil-proof, generally used in food industry packaging;
B. Ordinary release paper
Moisture-proof, oil-proof, plays the role of product isolation, applicable industries: electronics, automotive foam, printing, etc., most of its use range is with sticky tape, especially tape, so tape products are generally used release paper will be used;
C. PVC wallpaper

The role of PVC leather coating foaming process to undertake;

silicone paper

3. Features of release paper

A. Cleanliness
Refers to the cleanliness and cleanliness of the surface, because the production environment of the release paper manufacturers is different, most of them are not dust-free studios, and due to cost problems, it is impossible to use dust-free studios, generally speaking, they are ordinary Plants, if they are better, will have many improvements in environmental protection and environment, which will have an impact on cleanliness;
B. Release degree
Refers to the degree of release of the release paper, there is no absolute value at this point, it depends on the formula of each manufacturer;
C. Peeling force

It refers to whether it is easy to tear off the product, of course, there are strict test standards;

wing release paper

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