Understand The Properties Of Super Absorbent Polymer In Diapers

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According to the survey, consumers attach great importance to the comfort and safety of diapers. The specific performance of comfort is that the diaper product can fully absorb urine,no leakage,no leakage after long-term use, good breathability and lightness.Safety is mainly for raw materials.

1. Water absorption of Super absorbent polymer in diapers

The corresponding characteristics of super absorbent polymer in diapers are: water absorption characteristics, powder characteristics and safety. The water absorption characteristics are reflected in the absorption capacity, pressure absorption capacity and absorption speed, and must be designed according to the style of the diaper. Powder properties are reflected in particle size distribution, bulk density, mass flow and moisture. Safety is reflected in pH, residual monomers and heavy metals. To this end, the Japan Super Absorbent Resin Industry Association has formulated the detection methods and standards for SAP. Looking at the development history of diaper products and the corresponding characteristics of SAP, it can be found that in Japan, manufacturers also attach great importance to the antibacterial properties of SAP. Today's consumers are increasingly focusing on product diversification, and the demand for cleaning and deodorizing properties continues to increase. Therefore, in addition to safety, the antibacterial property of SAP for diapers is also one of the indicators worthy of attention.

 super absorbent polymer in diapers

2. Antibacterial properties of Super absorbent polymer in diapers

In Japan, many antibacterial products are widely used, such as hygiene products, detergents, kitchen products, masks, etc. The antibacterial logo of Japan Health Alliance can be used on diaper products that have undergone antibacterial processing. The logo is not limited to diapers, but also applied to pads, bandages, masks, wet wipes and other products. Antibacterial effect of antibacterial products, according to JlS L 1902 (lSO 20743) and JlS Z 2801 (lSO 22196) standards to test. Based on JlS L1902, the Japan Health Federation evaluates the antibacterial properties of the product. Since SAP becomes gel after absorbing urine, it cannot apply the JlS L1902 standard. Therefore, the Super Absorbent Resin Industry Association and the Japan Health Federation are jointly developing and measuring the urine absorption state. Under the SAP Antibacterial Test Method, the test includes the evaluation of antibacterial properties, antibacterial processing, antibacterial activity value, antibacterial effect and test bacteria.

3. Safety of Super absorbent polymer in diapers

Currently, the safety of SAP made with sodium polyacrylate (CAS Reg. No. 9003-04-7) is well known. In order to better supervise the product quality of SAP for diapers, the Super Absorbent Resin Industry Association has formulated the "SAP Independent Standards for Diapers", which involves items including pH value, residual monomers, heavy metals and other indicators.


In summary:

Superabsorbent resins for diapers have requirements on water absorption properties, powder properties, and safety. The specific regulations for these requirements are based on the measurement methods published by lSO, JlS, etc.

In Japan, in addition to the above characteristics, there are certain requirements for the antibacterial properties of SAP. The Super Absorbent Resin Industry Association and the Japan Health Federation are jointly developing the test method. Antibacterial agents used in SAP antibacterial processing can affect organisms even in very small amounts. Therefore, before being put into production and use, their safety must be evaluated in accordance with the standards of the Super Absorbent Resin Industry Association.

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