Why Improve The Position Glue Used In Sanitary Napkins?

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The main function of the adhesive on the back of the sanitary napkin is to fix the bond between it and the underwear. In the industry, this glued part is called position glue. However, in terms of actual use by consumers, it is not well developed. This article briefly explains the rationale for improving hot melt adhesives for sanitary napkins.

position glue

1. Not all sanitary napkins have the same position glue

Just because an adhesive can bond a sanitary napkin to a woman's underwear doesn't mean the adhesive is suitable for a particular sanitary napkin. Consumers need adhesives for sanitary napkins that are soft and flexible to match their daily activities such as movement, exercise, sleep, etc.

In fact, the position glue with excellent performance does not only undertake the single mission of "fixing", that is, it can not only achieve "zero shift", but it should also play more roles. For example, when the sanitary napkin is removed, there is no glue residue; another example, it can meet the complex underwear fabric shape, style, surface treatment process and fabric elongation requirements. In addition, the excellent processing performance enables it to maintain stable performance on the sanitary napkin production line within a certain size and temperature range, providing flexibility for manufacturing.

Moreover, there are many factors that affect its performance: For example, low temperature can affect the adhesive, which can cause the sanitary napkin to shift. At higher temperatures, the adhesive becomes more viscous and penetrates the panty fabric, leaving glue residue during removal and increasing the chance of the sanitary napkin tearing. At the same time, fabric type, weaving method, underwear style and sanitary napkin design preferences also play an important role in its performance.

 position adhesive

2. Improved position glue benefits for manufacturers

First, because consumers’ needs are constantly changing—every month, day, or even hour—continuing to meet women’s needs means manufacturers must look at their product designs from every angle. Among them, position glue is an important angle.

From this perspective, choosing the right sanitary napkin adhesive plays an important role in the loyalty of female consumers and the brand operation of feminine hygiene products. From a business perspective, changing the adhesive can improve the hold-down properties of sanitary napkin adhesives, thereby creating new business opportunities that help manufacturers achieve more efficient operations, greater flexibility and improved profitability.

 hot melt glue

With the development and progress of society, people's hygiene awareness is gradually strengthened, and hygiene products are more and more widely used in people's daily life. Among them, sanitary napkins are favored by women because of their softness, strong hygroscopicity, and convenience. As one of the raw materials of sanitary napkins, position glue has attracted more and more attention from relevant people. From the perspective of hot melt adhesive used in sanitary napkins, understanding the reasons for its improvement is conducive to its further development.

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