Application Of Silicone Paper

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1. What is silicone paper

Release paper is also called silicone paper. It is a silicone paper that prevents the prepreg from sticking and protects the prepreg from contamination. During wet production of prepreg, silicone paper is placed on the top and bottom of the prepreg, and the lower silicone paper is stored with the prepreg, so the surface of the prepreg is usually protected by a layer of silicone paper. The function of the silicone paper not only prevents the unexpected contamination, but also provides convenience for scribing on its surface. Another function of the silicone paper is to prevent the lateral cracking of the one-way pre-finished material.

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2. Features of silicone paper

A. Cleanliness, the cleanliness and cleanliness of the surface of the toes. Because the production environment of silicone paper manufacturers is different, most of the dust-free studios are generally ordinary workshops. Better ones will have many improvements in environmental protection and environment, which will have an impact on cleanliness. 

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B. The degree of separation refers to the degree of separation and forging of the silicone paper. There is no absolute in this regard, and each manufacturer's formula is different to determine.

C. Peeling force, the peeling force is sufficient to refer to the strict test standard when the product is torn off.

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3. The choice of silicone paper

In terms of the selection of silicone paper, it is mainly suitable, because it is necessary to comprehensively consider all the flash elements. In the case of a balance of various factors, a reasonable and cost-effective effect can be achieved.

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